Henriett Horvath

Front-end developer based in ZΓΌrich, Switzerland

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I remember as a small child that next to my Legos I was also making Laptops out of paper with full keyboard and screen.

As a teenager I also considered studying Computer Science, but was put off from studying software engineering in University.
The people around me deemed it "too manly" and anyway "you need to be a math genius" to be able to learn it.

Nevertheless it was always in the back of mind that I should have gone for it. After 12 years working in the Media industry I decided to at least try coding in the summer of 2021 and enrolled in SheCodes ... and I loved it! 😍

Since then I also completed additional courses and finished at SheCodes as a Front-end Developer.

I'm passionate about Front-end Development and excited to learn more about React, HTML, CSS and Responsive webdesign.

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